Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Revelations in word clouds

This little cloud of letters is called a wordle, and it comprises the most commonly used words in this blog. ("Paste link into your blog" did nothing of the sort, so you get a scan here, plus the link above if you want to try your own.)

 I suppose I can live with BOOK as my most prominent word. As I ran this, I had a fear that a giant PETER would appear in the middle, causing me to rethink my entire policy of even-handed journalism. But at least CAPTAIN is nearly as large, and HOOK makes a decent-sized appearance too--next to TIME, an unintentionally appropriate connection. I think the entirety of the cloud does point to what I'm hoping to accomplish both here and in The Stowaway--especially with the large RESPECT in the center--which is encouraging.

Still, it's obvious what my blog's New Year's Resolution needs to be.

No, wait, that's not quite what I meant.

More Captain Hook in this blog in 2014. Think I can manage that?

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