Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Manga in Neverland (Volume 3)

I am delighted to announce that Elaine Tipping has posted the Kickstarter campaign for Volume 3 of her Peter Pan manga (with a lovely animation). This volume, chapters 7-10 of the webcomic, contains full versions of Neverland adventures J. M. Barrie only mentioned briefly in his book. If you like reading about the shenanigans of the lost boys, you will especially enjoy this.

Elaine and I agree that too many people have never read the original Peter Pan, and thus she's illustrating it rather than other, altered versions that have appeared since the book's publication in 1911. Barrie's book contains both whimsy and darkness that other versions such as Walt Disney's 1953 animated feature skip over, and Elaine Tipping's manga embraces them as well.

The rewards for each campaign level include digital and print versions of Volume One and Volume Two, chibi keychains, tote bags, art cards, and character notebooks. I'm especially hoping for the completion of the second stretch goal: A new eight-page Wendy adventure. And, of course, supporting the continued manga adventures of Peter Pan means seeing more of Captain Jas. Hook in future editions.

Elaine began her Peter Pan webcomic in 2011, and updates it every Sunday. In addition to supporting and reading the collected, updated comics in book form, you can follow the story as it's completed on Smackjeeves, Deviant Art, tumblr, and Tapastic.

Friday, June 2, 2017

Pirates of the Moving Van

Ensnared with tape, in cardboard stacked
Doth rest my books in sad estate.
I glance at them, by headache wracked,
Oppressed by every box and crate.

The blog cries out to be renewed,
To speak again of Hook and Smee!
Thus pressured, I become unglued,
And so resort to poetry.