Sunday, November 15, 2015

Helping the Peter Pan Manga fly on

Update 11/30/2015: The Kickstarter is funded! But there's another week to go and some stretch goals I'd love to see funded--in particular, more "slice of life" Neverland comics.

Last year, at Emerald City Comic Con, I met and interviewed Elaine Tipping, creator of the Peter Pan manga. Elaine is doing something I wholeheartedly support--using a modern style of art to tell J. M. Barrie's story. Strictly J. M. Barrie--nothing from Disney or Dave Barry/Ridley Scott or Once Upon a Time--just the original.

But that manga was only the first part of the story, and now the Kickstarter for the second part has gone live. I have to encourage my readers to support this. Because Elaine cares about the original book and making it more widely available for people who are only familiar with retellings of Peter Pan which ignore important parts of the story.

And she's filling in some of the adventures that Barrie only hinted at, which I have been enjoying thoroughly, and which I've never known anyone else to do. The new manga will have even more of those--ten four-panel comic stories. Wendy plays a large part in these adventures, and animals and fairies too.

But perhaps most importantly (said the blogger with a wink), Elaine has a proper appreciation for Captain Jas. Hook and does not treat him like a buffoon. Probably because she's read the book.

The Captain Hook Kickstarter reward level includes two keychains, two postcards, a digital illustration, my name in the book... Look at that face. You wouldn't want to deprive me of that, would you? I thought not.

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