Thursday, December 31, 2015

A blog's 2015 in review

It's rather gratifying to see which five Hook's Waltz posts of 2015 were the most-read.

By Trina Schart Hyman, 1980

Searching for the lost boys
I didn't realize the lost boys were so popular. It was fun investigating various visualizations of them throughout the years. Some of their portrayals--particularly current ones--are very far from J. M. Barrie's understanding indeed.

A Partnership
I'm pleased this was popular, both because it's an example of my fiction writing and because I got to explore the character of  'Becca Bloom in more detail than The Stowaway allows.

Berliner Ensemble/Cocorosie interpretation of Peter Pan

New Directions for Peter Pan
For all the versions I find problematic, there are other interpretations that I find intriguing and worthwhile.

Mural at Grand Ormond Street Hospital

Peter at the hospital
Also gratifying, because the staff at Great Ormond Street Hospital are lovely and do good things. I'm pleased that I got to visit them and that I can tell people about them and J. M. Barrie's financial gift.

"The Libertine's Death," from Rose Mortimer,
or, The Ballet Girl's Revenge
, 1865

Defending the Victorians
Written because I had reached the end of my tolerance of people speaking of Victorian England as if it marked some low in human civilization, when in fact it was the era that birthed attitudes and reforms we are still working to perfect today. A huge amount of research went into this, so I'm glad to know others find the topic interesting.

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