Wednesday, March 29, 2017

An A to Z of Captain Hook

A quick alphabetical journey through the world of The Stowaway:

Adventure, because that's what we're here for, after all.

Brig, the square-rigged ship the captain sails.

Alice B. Woodward, 1907

Coats. in red, blue, or gray, depending on the occasion.

Derision, at which the captain excels.

Eating, an adventure in itself in foreign realms.

Flute, which Captain Hook played in his youth.

The General, the ship's polydactyl cat.

Harpsichord, another instrument from the captain's past.

Islands, in the Caribbean and in the Never Sea

Jolly Roger, of course.

Kiss, or is it a thimble?

Lure, the province of...

Mermaids. Some appreciate them more than others.

Howard Pyle, 1910

Night watch. It's best if you can trust your crew.

Oranges, to prevent scurvy.

Peter Pan, although perhaps we shouldn't mention him. Maybe we should say Poetry instead.

Queen Victoria, whose Navy was a misadventure for some.

Romance. Wouldn't you be disappointed if there were none?

Stars, to guide your way home.

Tinker Bell. We shouldn't mention her either. Let's change this to Thimble.

American Dorcas steel-cored
thimble with forget-me-nots
(the color of his eyes)

Undertow. Don't get caught.

Vivian Drew, because this is her story too.

Water, fresh from recent ports or kept palatable with a bit of rum.

Xerxes, in one of the captain's many volumes of history.

Yearning, for adventure, love, or home.

Zoology. There are many strange creatures to be foun.


  1. When, when will The Stowaway be published?

    1. Well, that's the question... I'm finishing off the final draft that's going to my beta readers (while moving to a new house in a new town). Then I look for an agent and hope to find one, and then the agent looks for a publisher. So there's no guarantee it will happen (aiee!) but the best-case scenario is two to three years--maybe optimistic? Not very soon, in other words.