Thursday, April 25, 2013


Welcome to Hook's Waltz, the home for the trove of information I'm finding as I write Captain Hook's story as it actually happened, not as it was relayed by an unreliable young boy who refuses to grow up. The blog title, if you're wondering, comes from the 1954 musical version of Peter Pan with Mary Martin and the delectably-voiced Cyril Ritchard, a copy of which I was lucky enough to come across at NorWesCon 2013.

These things have been veritably throwing themselves at me since I became serious about this project, leading me to wonder if the tale is so prevalent in our culture as to be almost invisibly omnipresent, or if my story merely wants that badly to be told. Regardless, I'm finding enough people interested in my research to turn it loose on the world. I will be filling in some information from LiveJournal entries I've made over the past year, and then we shall see what happens from there.

Thanks for taking the journey with me.

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