Wednesday, August 7, 2013


First, a man passing me on the street last week when I was on my way to a restaurant to  work on reading Midnight in Neverland. "The main character is a British Navy captain," he was saying to his friend. 

"What?" I thought. "I mean, yes, he is, but--huh?"

Second, The Peter Pan Alphabet, written and illustrated by Oliver Herford, from 1907. (So, based on Peter Pan the play, not the book.) It's sardonically beautiful and quite short, and you can read it for free from Project Gutenberg at the above link. Caveats, though, on references to the Indians (I know it was the times, but ouch) and Hook/crocodile art. Fine, maybe that last warning is just for me. 

I love this. It's referring to a scene where Hook, in battle with Peter, tries to blow up his ship, only to be foiled when Peter puts out the fuse. (The Stowaway may or may not have its own take on this.) It's also proof that the more things change...

I’m sorry for H, tho’ I don’t call Hook mean
For wanting to Blow Up his own Magazine.
I’ve known a Good Author blow up, in a Huff,
A Magazine just for not printing his Stuff.

Oh, why not one more:

Z is the Zebra the Boys didn’t meet,
But without which no Alphabet’s really complete.

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