Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Two types of art I will always cringe at seeing and never reproduce for my readership: Captain Hook being pursued by the crocodile, because that would be disrespectful (although a creature I have dubbed the "insecurity crocodile" occasionally appears in my LiveJournal on bad writing days), and Peter Pan in Hook's coat. That upsets Vivian, narrator of The Stowaway, so much it's begun to have the same effect on me.

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  1. I like stories the way they are, without the terror taken away from them. As a traditionalist I prefer fairy tales as they once were, it wouldn't be the same otherwise. Some people like change and will say "it's not the same, it's better", but I'll have to disagree on that one. Just because it's new, it doesn't mean it's better, I like things that have stood the test of time therefore tradition has worked for centuries, hence the traditionalist elements in my story 'The Countryside'.