Wednesday, May 8, 2013

From the original--yes, the very first--performance of Peter Pan in 1904. In this photo, Nina Boucicalt as Peter, Hilda Trevelyan asWendy, Gerald du Maurier (yes,"Rebecca" fans, those du Mauriers), and Pauline Chase as Twin #1.

Fantastic set of photos here from BruceKen on Flickr, muchly copyrighted, which makes me nervous, but these are so good they must be shared.

Other actors shown in this set are Dorothea Baird as Mrs. Darling, George Hersee as John, Winifred Geoghgan as Michael, Arthur Lupino as Nana, and George Shelton in a couple of full-length shots as an exemplary Smee. (Photos which show me it's all right to keep him as gray-haired and not feel like I'm copying Disney, since his common portrayal actually has been canon from the beginning.)

Found through, which satisfies me with dream fodder daily.

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