Monday, June 24, 2013

A funny thing happened on the way to the blog

I'd planned on posting some sailing ships (brigs, of course), from the ever-growing stock of images on my hard drive. But I was distracted by something posted on, and off I went.

So Disney parks make these. And multitudes of others, of every character you can imagine. But they didn't really catch my attention till this one.

I'm not sure why I like it, given my usual issues with the Disney depiction of the Peter Pan story in general (*deep breath* remember the Disney film is based on the play not the book *deep breath* better) and Captain Hook in particular. But when they don't play him for comic relief, the artists sometimes depict an expression or an action that I quite like. This one, I think, just makes me laugh.

So I spent the day waiting for an eBay seller to relist one of those, and in the meantime I ran across this.

And this.

Ye gods and little fishes, the hook's not even on the right hand (*deep breath*) and yet I post them.

I found a cake topper, too, so there's next year's birthday.

Ahem. Time to get off Google and back into the manuscript, now that my motivation is nicely recharged. Apologies for the digression, and a promise that the real blog will return soon, bringing with it the nice ships.

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