Wednesday, June 26, 2013

And a star to steer her by

When I went looking for a tall ship where I could do some hands-on research for The Stowaway, I was lucky to discover that not only do we have the Lady Washington berthed not far from Seattle, she's a brig, the same type of ship sailed by Hook in the original Peter Pan.

She's also the same ship filmed by "Once Upon a Time" as the Jolly Roger. As some of you know, the battle sail my husband and I were originally scheduled to sail on was postponed a week because the show's taping ran long. I had no idea about any of this until I was standing on the deck of the ship--one of the weirder examples of the weird that follows this project. Don't even start me on OUaT Hook's true love being named Milah, because I still don't quite believe I heard that right.

As many things as Once Upon a Time gets wrong (some of you have seen my rants on the subject, ahem), they got this one right, which is unlike far too many depictions of the Jolly Roger. I've begun  doing a cursory count of masts whenever I see one of those depictions, because as much as I like some of the incorrect art, it's really not that hard to get it right.

Robert Ingpen gets it right. His Peter Pan illustrations are beautiful in general, but he won me over completely with this.

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