Friday, June 7, 2013

From the sublime to the--well, mostly just ridiculous

This post comes to you because I was under the impression actor Terry-Thomas had played  Hook in the 50s  and I wanted to compare his picture with Dustin Hoffman's portrayal. Alas, I was misled by something on the internet (yes, I know) and evidently there is no such animal. However, I did find a surprising list of some actors who have played Hook.

Let us begin here.

Robb Harwood, 1906

Ian McKellan, 1997

Did you enjoy the sublime? Good, because it's pretty much ridiculous in one form or another from here on out.

Russell Brand with photographer Annie Leibovitz, Disney Parks Campaign
In a way he's perfect. In all the others, he is so, so wrong.

Hans Conreid, voice of Captain Hook in the 1953 Disney movie.
In the ridiculous category because I find this costume particularly suitable for voice acting.

Larry Lamb from Eastenders, 2012

Eastenders, then. And who the heck is Dame Abel Mabel? That's not from any production I've ever seen.

But now, my piece de resistance.

David Hasselhoff, 2012

He's pulling off the look better here, but David. Hasselhoff. I am--I don't know what I am. Bewildered will do. I am bewildered.


  1. The Larry Lamb picture doesn't work with that link. Try this one.

  2. And yet yours leads to a page that doesn't exist!

    Damn imps.

    What are you seeing--is the picture there but the link doesn't work, or is the picture not appearing at all?

    1. I was seeing nothing, and clicking on it led to a page that said that the link doesn't exist. Clearing out the question mark and the number following it gave me the picture in question. Now I see a different link, and the picture shows up fine.

      Oddly, when I click the link I gave, the picture shows up fine for me.

      Very odd stuff.

  3. Yes, I substituted a new one so there would be a picture there. Sorry. ;-)

    I thought of trying again on the original, but no. I will do nothing of the sort. If this one works on both our ends, I'm leaving it. I think it's called "learning."